Vibbro Pure

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Automatic photocell dispenser for handwash and sanitizing gel

Vibbro Pure is the new product for HYGIENISATION and CLEANING of the hands

To protect personal and public health, it must be considered that our hands are the main vehicle for the collection and transmission of germs, bacteria and viruses.

It is necessary to radically change our habits, ensuring that we always have clean and disinfected hands.

With the presence of the Gel-Handwash-Sanitizing distributor on the floor, made available to employees and / or visitors to your business, you will give the opportunity to make a gesture that is personally useful and respectful for the community.

Battery operated (Included).

Compatible with any gel on the market.

Suitable for use at:

Beauty Centers, Spas, Gyms, Companies, Offices, Banks, Shopping Malls, Supermarkets, Shops, Schools, Outpatient Centers, Canteens, Airports.


Equal to 100% of the taxable amount in the current year tax period as instrumental asset for SANITATION.

Vending machine with photocell, runs on batteries (included).

Marine plywood structure.

Painted black or with customized customer graphics.

Customization on specific request.

Dimensions cm: H 141L 28.5D 35.