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VPE Diffuser + Five Essence Pack

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VPE DIFFUSER: the most innovative purification system for your environment.

Counteracts negative vibrations, sanitizing and rebalancing the environment.

It connects to the 220V power line. The control takes place through the VPE app allowing to optimize its daily operation.

The connection is made via Bluetooth and / or WiFi.

Each top-up lasts for over two months. The product is sold with 5 refills of 100 ml (one for Vibration)

Vibbro Processing Essence

Vibbro designs the "Vibbro Processing Essence" an Innovation Technology system that allows you to feed each individual cell with specially chosen vibbrational frequencies, which will be kept in the memory of the water inside the essence.

The frequencies are added to each individual product making it unique and exclusive.

The result is the recognition of a new cellular level that will help to harmonize cells and activate a widespread wellness experience.

The vibrations allow the energy to flow freely contributing to a rebalancing process.

Olfactory molecules are captured by receptors located in the depth of the nasal cavity. Thanks to the action potential (created by the receptors themselves) the smells are transmitted to the brain through the olfactory nerve to reach the olfactory bulb first, and then the limbic system. Odors act on:

• amygdala by connecting an aroma to an emotion 

• hippocampus and therefore on memory 

• nucleus accumbens center of reward and pleasure